Location & Climate

Okt 16, 2019 - Mi
Caniço, Portugal
Ein paar Wolken
63°F Ein paar Wolken
Wind 2 m/s, NNW
Luftfeuchtigkeit 63%
Druck 767.32 mmHg
Tag Zust. Temp. Wind Luftfeuchtigkeit DruckDruck
mit okt 16
Klarer Himmel
68/70°F 3 m/s, SO 67% 766.57 mmHg
don okt 17
Ein paar Wolken
69/72°F 1 m/s, SW 67% 766.57 mmHg
fre okt 18
Klarer Himmel
72/71°F 1 m/s, S 81% 766.57 mmHg
sam okt 19
69/70°F 8 m/s, ONO 69% 765.82 mmHg
son okt 20
Überwiegend bewölkt
68/68°F 9 m/s, ONO 69% 766.57 mmHg

Port of Funchal

Madeira is an island 800km west of the city Casablanca in Marocco and 1000km south-west of Lisbon. The location of the island within the mild waters of the gulf-stream guarantees water temperatures – depending of the season – between 17°C and 24°C.
This fact and the geographical location of 32°N give the island a very agreeable climate with not too hot summers and moderate winter temperatures.
The subtropical flora and the spectacular vulcanic landscape with peaks nearly 2000m high make Madeira a unique beauty of nature. Some areas with its endemic flora belong to the UNESCO natur-world-heritage.

Villa Opuntia is situated on a south-facing slope at the edge of the  cottage area of Lower-Caniço.
The view to the Atlantic ocean is beautiful and the dead-end road gives this calm area an even more peaceful character.
The next Lido is just a 10 minute walk away and one can reach Funchal after a 15 minutes drive.

The motor-way, that links Ponta São Lorenço in the east far to the village Prazeres in the west, connects Lower Caniço easily to other parts of the island.

You can find further information about infrastructures around Villa Opuntia also  under the menue “Service/Close By Services“.

GPS Coordinates of Villa Opuntia

N 32º 38,507′ , W 016º 50,315′