Dear Guests of Villa Opuntia!

I would like to take the opportunity to give you a short interim report on my assessment of the current situation for the touristic stay in Madeira with regard to the international pandemic development.

The temporary shutdown of my company made it possible to reduce the cost development to an acceptable level.
We are doing well and we use this time to carry out maintenance and beautification work in the hotel and in the outdoor areas.

My vision is to only open Villa Opuntia, when it will be possible to travel again without stressful restrictions, to fly with planning security and to stay with us in the hotel and on the island in the usual relaxed atmosphere.

At the moment I do not see these conditions yet, especially in the countries of origin of our guests.

I have agreed with our tour operators, that I will announce the reopening and thus the bookability of the hotel with a 90-day lead time.

At the same time, I will inform our guests about the planned reopening via our “Hauspostille”.

In the hope, that this message will reach you all in good health, I send you my cordial greetings from the most beautiful of all islands.

Jörg Zengerer


Sad news!

We have to accept the fact, that the Corona-Virus not only contaminates animals and human, but also business-companies.

The lockdown since March 2022 resulted in a loss of all of our reservations.

Since governments and offical authorities in the countries of origin of our guests – but also Portugal, have evaluated a second contaminaion wave as most probable, intensively assisted by medias and such are transmitting insecurity, fear for everyday life and specially fear to travel.

As it is only possible to reach Madeira by plane and travelling by plane is said to be highly contaminous, this type of comunication had and has a desastrous impact on the tourism of the island.
As a result, we have lost nearly all bookings for the rest of the summer and the oncoming winter season.

Therfore I feel obliged, in order to prevent further damage to the company, to shut down Villa Opuntia after 25 years of successfull operation
as from November 1st, 2020.

My Opuntia-Team and I would like to take this oportunity to thank all our repetitive guests for their loyalty during many years.

Jörg Zengerer


With pleasure we would like to inform you, that Madeira continues to be one of the less effected areas by the pandemie in whole Europe.

Due to the increasing tourism on the island and in order to protect guests and locals from infection risks, our government has decided to extend the use of masks to all public areas.
Exluded from this regulation are sport activities and activities in open nature.


Dear Guests!

It seems, that the summer tries to comfort the island after so many months of isolation with agreeable temperatures, refreshing gusts from the sea, a clear blue sky and water-temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean with more than 24 degrees centigrade.

Since July, 1st Madeira has started to welcome her guests again and the increasing number of flights make the island attractive for holiday-makers, who are searching a calm spot with a beautiful nature and a destination, that was hardly effected by the Corona-Virus.

In order to keep it that way, and to protect guests and population, still some rules have to be maintained.

At the moment on arrival a health certificate, that confirms a negative result from a Corona-test, is needed.
It must not be older than 3 days prior to arrival.
There is also a possibility, to undergo this test upon arrival on the airport, but in this case the person has to wait for the result about 2 days and must not leave the hotel during the waiting time.

There is no need on the island for wearing a mask, despite in shops, offical areas and public transport.

Restaurants are open, delicious fresh food is waiting for you and the wines are excellent.
No need to wear a mask in restaurants.

A further argument to choose Madeira for your holidays is, that the island has no mass-tourism.
Individuality is here our goal.

At Villa Opuntia we have not been lazy during the layoff-time and you will find the hotel like newly born.

On September, 1st

Villa Opuntia is opening again and we guarantee our guests, that we will comply with all offical health regulations to make you a safe and agreeable stay.
Masks, gloves and hand-desinfectants will be at your disposal.

Madeira’s airport “Cristiano Ronaldo” has internationally be rewarded with its professional handling of arrivals and departures with respect to the Corona-Virus.

Thus, for those who are looking for a save stay on a beautiful island, we can say, that Madeira and Villa Opuntia are waiting for you.

My Team and I are looking forward to welcome you soon at Villa Opuntia.

All the best,
Jörg Zengerer



Dear Guests!

We would like to inform you, that due to the COVID-19 travel- and hygene-restrictions planned by the authorities of Madeira and the countries of origin of our guests for the summer period, we have decided to open Villa Opuntia again only as from September 1st.

In the meantime you can reach us as follows.

from Monday to Friday
from 10h00 until 12h00 WET
( 11h00 until 13h00 CET)
+351 291 939 600

around the clock

We would look very much forward to welcome you later in this year and to make your stay with us a relaxed, safe and agreeable one.
Just cozy and private

All the best to you.

Jörg Zengerer



The prestigeous travellers-portal HolidayCheck has chosen out of 732 elective hotels in 38 countries the best for guest satisfaction.

We are extremely happy to be able to anounce, that Villa Opuntia has been awarded as the best hotel for guest satisfaction in the whole country of Portugal as number ONE.

Worldwide, out of 38 countries, we were ranked as the fifth best Adult-Only-Hotel for guest satisfaction and were honored with the Gold-Award 2020.

We would like to say “thank you” to all our guests, that have dedicted their valuable time and effort to evaluate Villa Opuntia and our service.


We are proud to anounce, that the travellers-portal HolidayCheck has elected Villa Opuntia to be the most popular hotel on the island of Madeira and is part of the 100 most popular hotels woldwide.
Villa Opuntia was honored with the Gold Award 2019.


We are proud to anounce, that the travellers-portal HolidayCheck has elected Villa Opuntia to be the most popular hotel on the island of Madeira and is part of the 100 most popular hotels woldwide.
Villa Opuntia was honored with the Gold Award 2018.


Since 6 consecutive years our guests have rated Villa Opuntia to be one of the 100 most popular hotels world-wide.
These comments from our guests at HolidayCheck made it possible to be honored with the Gold Award 2017.
We would like to thank all of them to have dedicated valuable time to evaluate Villa Opuntia and our services to the benefit of future guests and for us, to understand our pro´s and con´s and motivate us to go on with our philosophy.


 Villla Opuntia´s philosophy is dedicated to host individuals that are in need of a calm and relaxing holiday.
In order to serve these expectations of our guests, we will concentrate our hotel operation on adults.
So, as from January 2017 we only accept bookings for persons with an age of 18+.